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Straight from the Mentors’ Desk: A Chat with Anand Sir

Anand Sir, our faculty for Legal Reasoning sits with one of our Blog interviewers and opens up about the legal career, CLAT preparation, his experiences as a mentor, and a student's life at LawPrep Tutorial.

Interviewer (I): Good day, Anand Sir! It's a pleasure to have you here today. I just visited the LawPrep Delhi centre at Hauz Khas and noticed the enthusiasm, one on one interaction with the students, and the extensive mentoring being provided by your expert faculty is blazing the trail for these young aspirants of the field of law. So, Let's dive right in – what sets LawPrep Tutorial, Delhi-NCR, apart as one of the top law coaching classes for CLAT aspirants?

Anand Sir (A): Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here. LawPrep Tutorial is exceptional because of the combined dedication and expertise of our faculty. We have a team of seasoned educators who specialise in legal reasoning, general knowledge, logical reasoning, English, and mathematics, offering students comprehensive and focused guidance.

I: That sounds fantastic. It must be an enriching experience to guide young minds. What kind of study material is provided at LawPrep that makes it stand out?

A: Our study materials are second to none. They're meticulously crafted to encompass the entire CLAT syllabus, ensuring students have all the resources they need for success. We believe in quality over quantity, so our study materials are concise, focused, and aligned with the latest exam patterns.

I: Right. I also noticed that all the mentors are involved with the students at a one-on-one level, catering to questions and doubts which makes me remark that personalised coaching is often a game-changer especially at the precipice of your legal career. How does LawPrep provide that for CLAT aspirants?

A: We recognize that each student is unique, with their strengths and areas for improvement. At LawPrep, we offer personalised coaching tailored to individual needs. We mentor, guide, and support every student to help them reach their maximum potential. So, for instance, if one student wants to discuss something about legal reasoning at more length than what is covered in class, our mentors would be happy to sit with them after classes and guide them. Why just academia? We are happy to help them with absolutely anything- personal, professional, academic!

I: That is really heartening to hear. It is rare that teachers go outside their way to make education more personalised and inclusive. After all, you too, have been a student of law paving your way through the challenges. Could you share some of your own experiences and insights from the legal field that inspired you to become an educator?

A: Absolutely, I am an alumnus of one of NLIU, Bhopal. My journey through law school was an eye-opener. I realised that the legal field was not just growing but also fiercely competitive. There's immense potential, and students with the right guidance can truly shine as future legal luminaries. Having walked that path, I understand the challenges and opportunities. I've seen what it takes to succeed in this field, and that insight informs our coaching methods. We not only teach the syllabus but also nurture students to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will set them apart.

I: That’s remarkable. If I may revert to the style of coaching at LawPrep Tutorial, mock tests are critical for CLAT preparation. LawPrep is known for its extensive mock training and strategising. Could you elaborate on that and other mock test facilities at LawPrep Tutorial?

A: Absolutely! Mock tests are the heart of CLAT preparation. We offer an extensive and updated mock test series, allowing students to acclimate themselves to the real exam environment and continually assess their progress. This ensures they're well-prepared and confident.

I: Right. But not every aspirant is able to connect to the institute in person but still wishes to be taught by the mentors at LawPrep. How does LawPrep make legal coaching more accessible for them?

A: We value flexibility, which is why we offer both online and offline CLAT coaching. It's all about accommodating our students' preferences and making quality coaching accessible to all. After all, LawPrep stands strong on inclusivity and we believe that no student should remain behind due to their inability to join us here in person.

I: Speaking of inclusivity, could you tell us about the fees structure at LawPrep?

A: Our fee structure is designed to be reasonable, ensuring that quality coaching is affordable. We believe that financial constraints should not hinder the pursuit of legal dreams. As I mentioned, the field of law needs more lawyers who are empathetic and we try to instil this empathy by making the environment more inclusive for everyone.

I: That’s great! People often say that the field of law is becoming increasingly elitist but with your attempts to make it inclusive, I believe that LawPrep is steps ahead of many others. I've heard that LawPrep Tutorial has quite a success story. Can you share a few highlights?

A: Certainly! We're immensely proud of our students. We've produced scholars studying in India's top law schools, including NLSIU, NALSAR, NLU Delhi, and more. Last year, we had the privilege of training the All India Rank 1 CLAT topper, which speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

I: It's truly inspiring. What other facilities or programs does LawPrep offer for CLAT aspirants?

A: To cater to various needs, we offer several crash courses and regular classes. These programs provide students with choices and the ability to select the schedule that suits them best.

I: It's evident that your personal journey enriches your role as an educator and you along with the other mentors at LawPrep have tried to support legal education aspirants from all walks of life. Would you like to give any message for aspiring lawyers and CLAT candidates?

A: To all aspiring lawyers and CLAT candidates, I'd say this: The legal field is vast, evolving, and full of potential. If you're willing to work hard and embrace guidance, there's no limit to what you can achieve. At LawPrep, we're here to empower you to reach your legal dreams.

I: Anand Sir, thank you for sharing these remarkable insights into LawPrep Tutorial. It's evident that your coaching institute is dedicated to guiding and nurturing CLAT aspirants towards a bright legal career.

A: It's been my pleasure. At LawPrep, we're not just coaching for exams; we're mentoring future legal luminaries, and it's a role we cherish. Our aim at LawPrep is to foster success, and we're excited to be part of the journey of every CLAT aspirant who walks through our doors.

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