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From CLAT to Law School: Navigating Post-CLAT Steps for Aspiring Law Students

Every year, over 70,000 aspiring lawyers across India embark on a journey to secure admission to one of the prestigious National Law Universities (NLUs) through the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). However, it's essential to understand that the CLAT exam is just the beginning of a multi-step process towards your legal education. Let's walk through the critical stages you'll need to navigate after receiving your CLAT results.

1. CLAT 2024: The Journey Begins

- CLAT Date: The CLAT 2024 exam is scheduled for December 3, 2023.

- Results: Once the exam concludes, the Consortium of NLUs will announce the CLAT 2024 results on their official website. This will come after the provisional and final answer keys to the exam. Do not forget to tally your score!

2. CLAT Counselling Registration

- Commencement: After the results are out, the CLAT 2024 counselling process will kick off.

- Invitations: If your name is on the CLAT merit list, you will receive an email invitation from the Consortium of the NLUs to participate in the counselling process.

- Registration: To start the journey, you need to register for counselling. Login to your CLAT account, confirm your participation for each round of counselling, and pay the counselling fee.

3. Counselling Fee Payment

- Payment: While completing your CLAT counselling registration, you must pay the counselling fee as per the schedule set by the Consortium.

4. Seat Allotment Process

- Phased Approach: The seat allotment process occurs in five rounds. Your category, rank, NLU preferences, and available seats are considered during allocation.

First Seat Allotment

- Awaiting Notification: The exact release date for the first seat allotment list for CLAT 2024 will be released after the results are announced.

- Accept or Upgrade: If you find your name on this list, you'll have the choice to accept or upgrade your seat.

- Submission: Candidates who choose to accept their seat must complete the necessary documentation and pay the NLU's course fees.

Second Seat Allotment

- Repeat Process: The second seat allotment list requires you to follow the same steps as the first round - accept, upgrade, or leave the process.

Third Seat Allotment

- Procedure: Candidates in this round will also need to exercise their seat options, submit documents, and clear course fees.

Fourth and Final Seat Allotment

- Freeze or Float: In the fourth round, candidates decide to freeze or float their seat choice. In the fifth and final round, they can either accept the seat or withdraw from the process.

- Refunds: If you don't secure a seat by the end of the fifth round or exit the process earlier, your CLAT 2024 Counselling Registration Fee will be fully refunded.

While the CLAT exam is a significant step in your legal career, understanding and navigating the post-CLAT admission process is equally crucial. By carefully considering your preferences and making informed decisions, you can increase your chances of securing a seat in the NLU that aligns best with your legal aspirations. Good luck on your journey from CLAT to your dream law school!

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